PopGuard blocks interfering with ads from various platforms while keeping malware at bay. This way, you get a better and faster browsing experience.

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Popguard is proficient at blocking all types of advertisements from major platforms. Be it web ads, YouTube commercials, flashy banners, pop-unders, etc., you’ll get rid of them without much hassle. Popguard is known for blocking notorious online tracking services that are harmful. Banking is an essential activity most of us take granted for but Popguard doesn’t. It protects your banking details, passwords, and other sensitive information. Popguard does not keep any information for itself. Browsing fast depends on the internet connection but having a faster connection along with pesky ads can hinder your quick search. When said ads are blocked, you get a fast and clean browsing experience. PopGuard is popular with over 45000+ users Worldwide.

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