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Brand: avast!
Manufacturer Part #: CLN-001-12
Our Part #: AVS-CLN-001-12
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Media Type: Download
Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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avast! Cleanup 

The ultimate tune-up for your PC

Give your PC the extra space it needs to function at its best – no matter which antivirus you have installed.


Goodbye junk, hello space for films and photos

Get rid of residual files and other unused data sinks, to make room for the good stuff.

Leave no trace of your browsing

Empty your browsing and download history — including cookies, so advertisers can’t get data on you.


There’s always room for improvement

Adjust your settings to get the most of your hardware.

Your PC should wait on you — not vice-versa

Get your PC up and running quicker than ever before by adjusting your start-up processes.


Relax – we’ll take it from here

Schedule automatic cleans to keep your PC in shape without your constant attention.

Uninstall like you mean it

Find and clean files leftover after uninstalls automatically, to maximize your free space

Compatible with any antivirus

You don’t need to have Avast to keep your PC clean and efficient.


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