IdentityForce ID Theft Protection 1 User, 1 Year, $1 Million of Identity Theft


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Providing the Industry’s
#1 Rated Identity Theft Protection

Best-in-Class IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION Outranking 13 Other Providers

IdentityForce has once again been named the 2019 Identity Protection Service Provider Best-In-Class Award Winner by Javelin Strategy & Research, outranking 13 other providers. We’re also rated #1 on CNBC and U.S. News & World Report.


Continuous monitoring of your identity, privacy and credit by using innovative and proactive identity theft protection technology. We’ll detect illegal selling of your personal, financial, and credit information, providing robust monitoring required in today’s connected world.


IdentityForce provides an early warning system rapidly notifying you when your personal information is at risk. Our alerts are sent to your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, so you have the power to act before the damage is done.


When you want total identity control, count on IdentityForce. Understand your credit score, and where or how your online information is being used. Protect your keystrokes, PIN numbers and credit card information.


IdentityForce’s U.S.-based Certified Protection Experts offer comprehensive, 24/7 recovery services. We’ll complete paperwork, make calls, and handle every detail to restore your identity. And, you’re covered by our nationwide $1 million identity theft insurance policy.


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