Who we are?

IHA was established in 2015 as a tech blog starting as a small team 8 years ago, IHA- I Have Answer has transformed into an international software and support company. Our ability to implement technological modifications towards the betterment of your computer experience is behind our quick yet hard-earned success.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who offer customized services for all technological queries. Serving solutions across continents and delivering satisfaction globally, IHA continues to help private individuals and business with all their technological needs.

Standing true to our motto- ‘Let’s make it easy’, we are and will always strive to make technology a better place.

What's our mission?

We believe in delivering the highest quality products to our customers to meet the ever-increasing demands for technology. IHA Software will continue to be a preeminent, reliable, ultimate and state of the art company offering computer support solutions to serve all your technical needs at the most reasonable prices. Developing cutting edge software, and availing you to all of the best programs the tech world has to offer, we support all customers and businesses with their needs with prompt attention, 100% privacy, quality service and consistent support.

Our Team will work tirelessly on the growth of products, collaborations and customer service to ensure a user experience that is seamless between them and their technology. With high-end technical proficiency, we guarantee to keep your IT systems error-free, and protected


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What's our mission?

We surpass others in the race of technology in providing our customers with time-to-time service and delivering quality products consistently. We offer great transparency in pricing and have a range of products for you to choose from. What truly separates us from the rest? Our customer service is unbeatable. With IHA Software you actually speak with a real person on the other end of the phone. No emails or SMS going back and forth. We take as much time as is needed on the phone with you to understand and solve your issue and we can accomplish this goal in multiple languages. Specialists at IHA Software speak English, Hindi, German, French and Japanese.

Our Customer - Our Family

We’re a team of extremely passionate individuals who work in unity to provide our customers with not only the best quality products, but the best service. You are more than a customer to us. You are our guest, part of our extended family community.


Here at IHA Software we’ve got big plans and surprises in store for you. We are in the continuous process of upgrading our apps taking into consideration the current needs for technology. We’re developing apps like VPN, webcast, location tracker, and looking forward to developing apps for streaming videos. ‘The more we learn the more we make’, is how we’ll describe our future goals.

We will expand and build our partnerships and collaborations with the best technology companies from around the world, giving you the most comprehensive platform for all your technology needs