Covid-19 Alert

IHA Undertakings During the Covid-19 Pandemic

health crisis of this measure is probably a unique situation for most of us. With the recent developments around the world, IHA continues to wage its commitment to its customers even as the pandemic lashes in full scale. We prioritize the health and well-being of our customers and make their remote-based work a seamless experience using our expertise and knowledge. IHA upholds an unfaltering dedication towards its customers and continues its efforts to help you adjust work and lives for any unpredictable event. Our team of experts is organized better than ever for quick response and assistance to customers.

How Is IHA Responding To COVID-19?

IHA has made its services available round the clock to assist customers from across the globe. With a team of highly dedicated and committed professionals, we believe in using our expertise and knowledge to help our customers combat the virus in our possible ways.

We make the best of the remote services to remain fully operational and deliver the services to our customers. The team is equipped to provide services consistently without any disruption during this time.

IHA has engaged in proactive planning and management to develop effective communication in the team. Having both contingency and continuity plans in place, our team is organized and prepared to tackle all kinds of possible disruptions in services.


IHA has leveled its efforts and actions to contain the spread of the virus and continue to provide services to our customers. Take a look at the frequently asked questions for a better insight into how IHA is responding to this crisis.

Will changes have IHA made in its subscription plans to aid customers during COVID-19?

IHA has introduced new subscription plans, both annual and monthly plans. It has brought forward new pricing, which is 40% lower than the previously available plans. The new plans come with a range of extras.

Are there any new advancements in the IHA products and services?

IHA is equipped with a strong knowledge base and has integrated with Zoho CRM and Twilio to upgrade its automated services to the users. It has created new and improved guidelines to ensure timely deliverables and seamless operation.

How is IHA keeping its customers updated about the COVID crisis?

IHA has recently launched a new and improved website,, offering complete information about their products and features. Also, it has launched a new product website which gives customers detailed information about the features and utility of the product. It has also updated it’s EULA and Terms & Conditions, keeping in mind the new changes brought about by the COVID crisis.

How Does IHA Respond To Customer Queries And Issues?

IHA has made its customer service available round the clock for a trouble-free communication. It has also added a new section on their website for enabling quick and active resolution of customer issues.

What steps is IHA taking to maintain the safety of its users’ data?

IHA prioritizes the security of their user data and has brought in new login-based activation processes to safeguard the customer information for any unlawful intentions.

Keeping Business Up And Running

With the all-new work from home routine across the world, we need technological innovations more than ever before. IHA takes full responsibility to ensure the best experience for customers regardless of the current impactful situation.

IHA continues to monitor the government’s suggestions for operation and is as committed as ever to maintain positivity and wellness among its community of customers.

Keeping Business Up And Running

IHA understands there’s too many unknowns around the world currently. But, the one thing that is consistent and certain is that – we are here for you. We are here to help you through during this time of crisis, and help you whenever you are in need of help.

We will continue to share updates and insights on the developments of the situation in the coming days. Meanwhile, take all the necessary precautions and keep yourself and your loved safe and healthy.

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