Who we are?

IHA was established in 2015 as a tech blog site but eventually ended up creating its own software named PopGuard in 2016 which gained a lot of appreciation from folks. The aim behind creating Popguard in the first place was to provide users a safe browsing experience free from phishing and any other fraudulent attempts. Initially, it was offered for free to IHA customers and subscribers for straight one year but considering different costing parameters and the incorporation of additional security features, Popguard was announced as a premium product thereafter. There was no looking back then and it soon launched other products - Password Armor over the years.

Standing true to our motto- ‘Let's make it easy’, we are and will always strive to make technology a better place. 

Our Customers

Over 200,000 wonderful users around the world. We protect digital life for home users, businesses, enterprises, and organizations.

Worldwide Usage

Professional security software and solutions come across over 50 countries and regions with strong language support.


Technical Support

We offer first-rate technical service including email support, online help, and technical forum to solve users’ problems in time.

What's our mission?

We’re no different from other software companies in the fact that we also believe in delivering quality products to our customers to meet ever-increasing demands for technology. Our sole mission is to make technology facile for every other person out there by producing reliable products every now and then. We’ll continue designing products that at any rate, would help our customers acknowledge technology in a straightforward manner.

What's our History?

As described earlier, IHA didn't plan to create Popguard in the first place but as additional privacy features were added in Popguard, it came out to be a global hit. With the passage of time, IHA also introduced  other products- Password Armor, that helps you recover lost passwords. All of these have also been installed by millions of people all over the world.

Why are we different?

We surpass others in the race of technology in providing our customers with time to time service and delivering them quality products consistently. We also offer great transparency in pricing which might be good to go point for many. 


We’re a team of extremely passionate individuals who works in unity to provide our customers with the best quality products. We also love to interact with our customers whenever required thus creating a flexible environment to work in.


We’ve not planned the future as such but are in the continuous process of upgrading our apps taking into consideration the current needs for technology. At present, we’re at the urge of developing apps like VPN, webcast, location tracker. We’re also looking forward to developing apps for streaming videos.  ‘The more we learn the more we make’, is how we’ll describe our future goal in an assertion.