Microsoft’s Decision to Terminate Windows 10 Support May Lead to 240 Million PCs Being Discarded

Going from Windows 10 to 11: What Happens to Our Old Computers?

In the world of computers, things keep changing. Microsoft, the company behind many computer programs, recently said they’re stopping updates for Windows 10. Now, as we look forward to Windows 11, there’s a little problem – lots of old computers might not work with it. Research suggests around 240 million of these computers could become waste. This isn’t just about the environment; it’s also about figuring out how to be smart with our tech stuff.

Switching from Windows 10 to 11 – What’s the Deal?

So, Windows 10 is going away, and we’re getting Windows 11. But, hold on, about a fifth of the computers out there, roughly 240 million, might not be able to handle the new Windows. That’s a big puzzle, and we need to figure out how to make this change without making a ton of electronic waste.

Should We Pay to Keep Using Windows 10?

Microsoft is saying, “Hey, if you want, we can keep updating your Windows 10, but you gotta pay every year.” But here’s the tricky part – is it worth it? Some smart people say it might be cheaper just to get a new computer. It’s like deciding whether to fix an old bike or buy a new one.

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What’s the Legacy Solution with IHA Soft

A legacy solution is a tried-and-true technology or system that still serves a vital function in meeting particular operational or business needs even though it is no longer widely used or supported by mainstream updates. Over time, these solutions offer stability and dependability because they are frequently firmly ingrained in an organization’s infrastructure. To guarantee their continued operation, legacy solutions might need specialized support. In this situation, tailored solutions like those offered by IHA Soft are useful. IHA Soft guarantees that businesses can maintain the advantages of their current technology investments while smoothly adjusting to the changing digital landscape by providing support for legacy systems.

Sustainable Tech Practice for Digital Future

There is a bright side to this tech revolution. There are ways to get around the complexities of legacy platforms. Due to their frequent use in vital business operations, legacy operating systems need extra care. Platforms like IHA Soft come into play here, providing specialized solutions to maintain the functionality of older systems. Businesses and individuals can look into ways to prolong the life of their legacy systems rather than adding to the expanding e-waste problem. Leading the way in legacy platform support, IHA Soft offers services that guarantee security and smooth functioning for systems that aren’t updated by the mainstream.

As we welcome Windows 11 into the world, it’s critical to think about sustainable tech practices. In addition to addressing the difficulties brought about by the change, IHA Soft encourages responsible tech use. IHA Soft contributes to a digital future that values innovation and environmental responsibility by providing solutions for legacy systems.


At IHA Soft, our mission is to bridge the gap between the past and the future, especially for users navigating the complexities of legacy operating systems. Over the years, we have proudly served a diverse clientele around the globe, providing tailored solutions that ensure the continued functionality and security of their legacy systems. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of users across continents, making IHA Soft a go-to destination for those seeking reliable and comprehensive support for their legacy OS. Join our global community at IHA Soft and experience firsthand how IHA Soft is transforming the narrative of legacy system management.

The end of Windows 10 support marks not just a technological shift but an opportunity to rethink how we approach our digital landscapes. IHA Soft, with its commitment to legacy platform support, emerges as a guiding light for businesses and individuals seeking continuity in a rapidly evolving tech world. As we move towards Windows 11, let’s not leave behind the systems that have served us well. Instead, let’s forge a path seamlessly integrating innovation and sustainability, with IHA Soft leading the way. Explore our services at IHA Soft for a seamless transition into the future.

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